September 20-26, 2023

10 days countdown丨Has anyone told you how wonderful the first three days of the event were?

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Distance from 2023 Zhuhai Tennis Championship

There are only ten days left in the opening!

As the US Open moves into the finals,

Will the Chinese season be far away?

This year, fans are enthusiastic about buying tickets

Ticket sales for weekends, semi-finals and finals are hot

Xiaobian brings warm tips

The first three days of the event are also super exciting!

Let's reveal them all for you!

September 9-20 highlights

On September 9, the qualifying round will be played against some of the men's singles main draws, and you will witness four "treasure players" who have made it from the qualifiers to the main draw. In addition, the first round of the men's singles will be played in the afternoon and evening.

The first round of singles will be played on September 9 and 20, with the top four seeds in singles enjoying the first round of byes, and the seeds 21-5 and the rest of the players will all appear in the first round of singles, including Murray, Korda, Shang Juncheng and other stars worth watching. As for which player will appear on which day, it needs to be based on the schedule released the day before the start of the game, friends, do you have the feeling of opening a blind box? Why not buy tickets for two days in advance, no matter what day the star you want to see will be available.

At the same time, the first round of the men's doubles will be played simultaneously, and the five stars of Koda, Macdonald, Etcheviri, Garin, Nishioka Yoshihito and Karatsev will "play on two lines" in this year's Zhuhai Tennis Championship, and you may be able to see their heroic posture in the doubles court on this day.

Highlights on September 9

The second round of the men's singles will be played on September 9, which will be played over two days (September 22 and September 9), with the top four singles seeds (Medvedev, Kachanov, Norrie and Strouf) all debuting. Medvedev's debut after the US Open may be on this day! In addition, the remaining matches of the first round of the men's doubles will also be played simultaneously.

Although the biggest stars will be placed on Centre Court, there are also plenty of games worth watching in the qualifiers, and seeded players may also appear in the outfield. What's more, watching the game in the field is not only closer to the players, but if you are lucky, you can also meet stars such as Medvedev and Murray to train. Therefore, whether it is the center court or the peripheral arena, Hengqin International Tennis Center has attractions everywhere, just waiting for people to witness it on the spot!